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Persian Meels

Persian clubs, or meel, are one of the tools ancient warriors used to get ready to fight with sword and shield on the battlefield.

Most of the moves are based on attacks and parry, involving very precise timing, as training is traditionally performed to music and drumbeat.

Who is it for?

Relax, you do not have to be a warrior to benefit from swinging clubs!

Training with Persian meels addresses: strength endurance, mobility of spine, hips and shoulders, agility, coordination and balance, grip and core.
It is a full body workout, integrating body and mind, and very enjoyable at that!
If you want to feel better, move better and become stronger, it is for you.

Meels typically start at 2-3kg per club for adult males, and are usually counted as the sum of both clubs.

Light meels (up to 7kg per club) are favored by modern day Iranian wrestlers as all around clubs, and typically swung in sets of 100 reps.
Heavy meels (12-30kg per club) are swung at specialized weightlifting competitions and displays of strength at festivals.

What’s the difference with Indian clubs?

Swinging Persian meels is done in a closed style, due to the weight and length of the club. If we look at it from the battlefield perspective, a closed style is also better to reduce the amount of body exposed to an attacker.
While the exercises are very similar to the open style British club swinging, they are performed in a slightly different way.

To learn more about the different styles, designs and origins, read this post.

As with every type of strength pursuit, it is easy for people to get caught into how heavy a weight they can lift over developing their skills. So we decided to focus on teaching you how to swing light Persian meels to perfect technique.
At Heroic Sport, we believe that for your longevity and own benefit, how well you swing is more important than how heavy. But, we of course show you the proper technique modification to swing heavy meels, when you get to that level.

Our Persian Meels 101 is the perfect entry video course for people wanting to get an insight into the “Zoorkhaneh/ House of Strength”, and get a great training program and workout plan they can follow from home, with a minimum of equipment. You can even get it as a starter pack option.

We also have developed a fantastic routine timed to drumbeat that will test your skills, agility, endurance and rhythm!

Sorry, you won’t get the full traditional workout with Sang (shields), Kabbadeh (iron bow), Meel Sangin (heavy Meel), Meel Bazy (Meel juggling), Charkh Teez  &  Charkh Chamani ((fast and slow whirling). You can always travel to Iran though or look for training programs in English…

Persian Meels 101 | What you get

  • Training Guidelines and Safety
  • Club swinging 101 express (safety and key point of club swinging)
  • Basic exercises (grip, closed style vs open style club swinging, swipes, alternating low cast, footwork…)
  • Classical exercises (4 count and 2 count swings, proper footwork, technique for heavy Persian meels)
  • Extra exercises (double inner and outer back, alternating parry and strike, crisscross…)
  • ”Rostam routine” timed to music
  • ”Pahlavan Rising Program” (program with 3 levels, benchmark goals, training advice…)
  • How to easily make a Shena push up board to YOUR size (with minimal tools such as a handsaw and screwdriver)
  • Essential Persian push ups
  • Cool down

Total playing time: 1hour and 45 minutes

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