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Physical literacy for kids

We’ve been teaching Indian clubs to kids, and one thing is clear: working on improving kids physical literacy makes them taller.Not in the physical sense, but their self esteem and self confidence grows in leaps. Especially if they are training with their parent and pick up skills faster than the adults! The Indian clubs have Læs mere

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Persian Meels

Persian Meels Persian clubs, or meel, are one of the tools ancient warriors used to get ready to fight with sword and shield on the battlefield. Most of the moves are based on attacks and parry, involving very precise timing, as training is traditionally performed to music and drumbeat. Who is it for? Relax, you Læs mere

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Get the most out of your Pahlavandle™

Get the most out of your Pahlavandle™ When you get your Pahlavandle™, the little card in the bag mentions a few things, but it’s impossible to list everything! Stay with us and read on to discover the huge amount of variability there is in our little handle. Get the right bottle First, you must use plastic Læs mere

HEROIC SPORT | Exercise Wherever Whenever

Dreamed and made in Denmark, sold all over the world! Discover how our modern twist on the world's oldest strength training form can help you reduce neck and shoulder pain, improve coordination, agility and strength.

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